“Sometimes beauty occurs by accident;
we guide the process and give it direction.”

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“Our goal in interior design is to
create the poetry of a space.”


Winner International Design Award

  London - Dorchester Hotel 2nd of August 2016  - We are happy to announce that amongst all the great international designs, Roelfien Vos [...]

And the winner is…

  Excited for tonight's Awards Ceremony for the International Design and Architecture Awards 2016!   Roelfien Vos Interior Design & [...]

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Work in progress

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    For one of the leading Global provider in Dredging for Offshore Solutions we are creating a Design to build their future fleet. With over 4600 employees working for this company, being part of a project that leads to the Pioneering in innovation. The design is based for people who are willing to go the extra mile. Equipped with the latest technological features, comfort and leisure while keeping in mind the sustainability in the design. Providing the employees with a homey feeling while being far away from their families.

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    We are very happy with the continuous collaboration we have with the Chateau Sint Gerlach, part of the Oostwegel group, with 58 distinctive hotel rooms and suites. The refurbishment was assigned to us for their residential suites, the junior and senior suites together with the luxury rooms.

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    Winseler Hof Country Estate, part of the Oostwegel group, with Limburgian hospitality in a beautifully preserved 16th century manor house. Roelfien Vos Interior Design and Architecture refurbished 4 suites in this charming hotel in 2014.  The assignment for 2016 is the renovation of 45 rooms. Preserving the historical building we will modernize and update the rooms in this sumptuous four start hotel.

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    This private estate is in the very heart of the Netherlands, the construction started a year ago. The whole interior design was assigned to us, from design concept to floorplans, lighting/ceiling plans, millwork, color scheme, finishes and soft goods. The project will be finalized by May of 2016.